Hong Kong actress Grace Wong simply loves acting.

She has appeared in more than 22 TVB drama series in the past nine years, and this year alone, she was in period comedy Short End Of The Stick and martial arts action drama A Fist Within Four Walls. She has just wrapped psychological thriller Mind Hunter and is starting work on another period comedy Shuttle Through 400 Years. On top of that, she was also in Chinese New Year film From Vegas To Macau III.

All those roles have been very different from the others, and Wong wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s fun to do something different every time. I get bored easily, so it’s good to go from a modern drama to a period piece and then back again,” said the 30-year-old actress who was in Malaysia recently to promote Astro’s Jade Pack, as well as her own handmade diffuser jewellery business called Dearest Grace.

1. You’ve just finished shooting Mind Hunter in September. What is it about?

It’s a psychological thriller. In it, I’m an online deejay. The script has pages and pages of me just talking, which is quite challenging because my Mandarin is not very good.

I also have post-traumatic stress disorder – something happened to me a long time ago and I blocked the memory because it’s very scary. Kenneth Ma is a psychologist who uses many different ways to make me remember.

My husband is Stephen Wong, and we have problems with our marriage. It’s quite a challenging and mature role – I’m not married, and I don’t do a lot of wife and husband roles, so it’s interesting for me to experience these marital problems!

2. In A Fist Within Four Walls, you play dance troupe leader Fa Man, whose real identity is Bajiquan fighter Chiu Ha, so you had to do a lot of fighting and dancing. How did you prepare for that role?

Luckily, we had around a month and a half to train. It was very fun learning kung fu for the first time, though Bajiquan is quite tough for a girl. A lot of the power is in the knees, the wrists, the elbows.

I’ve been dancing for many, many years of my life, and accumulated a lot of old injuries, so I got injured easily even when we were practising. So, apart from learning kung fu, I had to go to the gym to train my muscles and strengthen my core.

Grace Wong is working on a collaboration with singer Sherman Chung. It’s a very upbeat song with a positive message, she says of the song. Photo: The Star/Raymond Ooi

Grace Wong is working on a collaboration with singer Sherman Chung. It’s a very upbeat song with a positive message, she says of the song. Photo: The Star/Raymond Ooi

3. What do you like best about acting?

Every time I play a role, I learn something about myself. Sometimes, the characters that I play helps me to better understand the people around me.”

While acting, we really do get into character, and the emotions are very real. So, the more characters I do, the more lives I have lived through. This way, I get more experience and it helps me empathise with others. You learn to see things from another person’s point of view, not just your own. So, whatever I do in the future, whether it is business, or community work, or nonprofit projects, I feel that I will be able to understand more of my audience.

4. You sang the end theme for TVB drama Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain and won Season 2 of Strictly Come Dancing with partner Yu Haoming. Do you plan to do more singing and dancing?

I love to dance. I’ve been dancing since young. After Strictly Come Dancing, one third of my roles have required me to do some dancing. Even in A Fist Within Four Walls, my role was a striptease performer, and I had to specifically learn burlesque for that role.

For music, I’m working on a collaboration with singer Sherman Chung. It’s a very upbeat song with a positive message.

5. Can you tell us more about your future projects?

Next, I have a role in a comedy called Shuttle Through 400 Years. I’ve been filming all sorts of deeply emotional and sad and angry roles lately, so it’s nice to get a light-hearted role for a change.

It is set 400 years ago in the Ming Dynasty, where I am the future wife of the crown prince. Three guys have to escort me to the prince’s palace, but on the way, we are attacked by some foreign enemies. While trying to escape from them, we run through a time tunnel and find ourselves in the future, right in the middle of a set filming a Ming Dynasty TV drama!

I also have my own collection of accessories called Dearest Grace and I’m in the process of bringing it to Malaysia. I love doing business. It allows me to exercise my creativity. Acting in dramas, you only find out a year later what people like or dislike, so you can’t do anything about it. But in business, I can change things immediately according to my customers’ likes and dislikes.