Everyone was a winner when local Chinese radio station 988 celebrated its 20th anniversary with MoveLa Party at Genting’s Arena Of Stars on Sept 24.

Thousands of loyal listeners of 988 screamed themselves hoarse at the 6,000-capacity venue. And, the mega show played for more than four hours, twice as long as most usual concerts. So much so that Golden Melody Award-winning singer-songwriter Penny Tai ended up sitting on the steps as she sang because her “legs felt wobbly after 11pm”.

Team MooMoo was an early winner as they won the initial votes from listeners to take the Popularity Award. But, Team LaaLaa emerged the clear winner of the MoveLa Award as the team members pulled out all stops to put on a jaw-dropping show. The grand prize came with RM20,000 cash prize sponsored by Orando Holdings.

Meanwhile, several lucky members of the audience also went home with return flight tickets to Mauritius courtesy of AirAsia X.

Prior to showtime, DJ Cheryl and DJ KK, the leaders of Team MooMoo and Team LaaLaa respectively, tearfully filled audiences in on an incident that happened during their full-dress rehearsal of the opening act on the previous day.

Team LaaLaa delights the crowd with their spirited rendition of Four Pop Divas.

Team LaaLaa delights the crowd with their spirited rendition of Four Pop Divas.

The stage collapsed and all the deejays and dancers tumbled down and several hurt themselves so badly that some last-minute adjustments had to be made. But, misgivings swiftly turned to awe for 988 fans who cheered loudly throughout the show.

Pop star parodies were a major highlight for viewers who were thrilled by the deejays’ performances. DJ Sean and DJ Cassey of Team MooMoo elicited wolf whistles as they kicked off the first round of I Am Not A Singer, with their own version of Michael Jackson’s famed dance moves.


The 988 20th anniversary concert was a runaway success with the fans.

But, it was the male deejays of Team LaaLaa who stole the show when they strutted their stuff as popular pop divas – DJ KK as Anita Mui, DJ Mike as Madonna, DJ Jason as Joey Yung in the first round of I Think I Can Dance.

Roars of approval continued to rock the venue as Team LaaLaa member DJ Cynthia channelled Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai. She was one of those people who got hurt when the stage literally came down – she had hurt her foot so badly that she could not walk and had to be carried on stage. But, judging by the way she gyrated her hips and shook her booty, audiences wouldn’t have been able to tell that she was injured. In fact, the crowd went wild when the bubbly lass launched into the rhythmic gymnastics-inspired ribbon act that dance-pop diva Tsai was famous for.

Round two of I Think I Can Dance brought on even more laughter and cheers as Team MooMoo’s version of West End percussion play Stomp got pipped by Team LaaLaa’s high-stakes fusion of the classic Swan Lake and The Nutcracker Prince ballet performance which they combined with energetic acrobatics.

Alvin chong

Alvin Chong

It seemed like the deejays could do no wrong as minor slip-ups on stage seemed to endear them even more to the audience members who encouraged the performers with roars of approval.

In between the singing and dancing battles, veteran 988 deejays showcased their dubbing skills in a live radio play segment that had the audience in stitches. Using a rib-tickling script for Ip Man 3, the deejays voiced over Donnie Yen sparring with Mike Tyson, complete with sound effects hilariously achieved using bedroom slippers and canvas sheets.

The performers were divided into two teams. Team MooMoo, led by Cheryl, included Piao Min, Leaf, Anson, Xiao Ma, Chloe, Sean, Cassey and Chan Fong. Team LaaLaa, led by KK, included Jiun, May, Haumin, Blue, Jason, Sam, Cynthia and Mike.

Even the 16 local and Taiwanese acts were equally distributed into the two teams with William Wei, Gin Lee, Eli Hsieh, Orange Tan, Hanz Koay, Isaac Dang, Mad August, and FS Fuying & Sam in Team MooMoo; and Penny Tai, Alvin Chong, Ribbon Ooi, Danny One, A-Jia, Patrick Brasca, and Men Envy Children and T J Thomas & Jack in Team LaaLaa.

The year-long 20th anniversary celebrations kicked off with a Chinese New Year short film and CNY soundtrack, followed by the MoveLa Fitness Challenge, and various MoveLa Super OB roadshows and before the final anniversary party on Sept 24.

988, which is a part of Star Media Radio Group, is among the top Chinese-language stations in Malaysia. It attracts 1.7 million listeners weekly nationwide, and is the leading Chinese radio station in Penang.

Visit www.988.com.my or www.facebook.com/988.my for details.

DJ Sean and DJ Cassey incorporate Michael Jackson’s dance moves to their number.

DJ Sean and DJ Cassey incorporate Michael Jackson’s dance moves to their number.