GSC’s D-BOX is a rocking movie experience – literally.

The GSC outlet in IOI City Mall at Putrajaya, was getting pretty packed when I got there on the opening day of Captain America: Civil War. As only a limited number of seats are available for D-BOX, you’ll want to purchase your tickets beforehand (it’s just a few taps away really with GSC’s mobile app). The D-BOX option costs an extra RM15 on top of your regular ticket.

I took my place on an unassuming, black leather seat. To my left, there’s the usual compartment to place your drink or popcorn and to my right, a device that allows you to adjust the degree of motion intensity you want to experience. There’s low, medium, and high, or you can even turn it off completely.

D-Box comes with a device that helps you control the degree of motion intensity you want to experience. Photo: GSC

D-Box comes with a device that helps you control the degree of motion intensity you want to experience. Photo: GSC

As a safety precaution, it’s important to note that D-BOX is not suitable for some movie-goers such as those with heart conditions, the elderly, and pregnant women, among others (read more on that here).

Watching the third instalment of Captain America, which focuses on the internal feud between the superhero team, the Avengers, with D-BOX allowed me to feel what the characters feel – every shot, every punch, every kick. What moves them, literally moves me as well, which ultimately enhances the way a story is told.

In an intense battle scene which involved quite a lot of members of The Avengers, I was quite amazed that D-BOX managed to capture the different movements that were taking place almost simultaneously.



Of course, D-BOX is great with big action moments like fight scenes, car crashes and explosions, but the motion seat also manages to capture subtler moments too. The rumble of a motorcycle engine, for instance, or the feeling of being Captain America’s biceps. Yes, there’s a scene where you can feel his struggle as he attempts to reel in a helicopter about to take off with just his arms.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean D-BOX constantly moves throughout the show. The seat doesn’t move at all during dialogue-driven scenes.

Besides D-BOX, the cinema hall I was in was also equipped with GSC Maxx, Dolby Atmos, and THX – currently, only IOI City Mall in Putrajaya have halls that combines all four of these features.

GSC Maxx allows films to be viewed on a larger screen, which gave me a feeling of being closer to what’s happening on screen.


I found this especially true with a scene where Captain America and Iron Man’s disagreements reached fever-pitch. The emotionally-charged scene was electrifying because GSC Maxx’s large screen pulled me into the moment, as if I was there.

While THX ensures an overall sound clarity, having Dolby Atmos meant I could hear sound effects more realistically.

With speakers positioned throughout the length of the cinema hall’s ceiling, movie-goers are enveloped within the sound. With Dolby Atmos, sound can come out from different speakers at different times. The sound of footsteps emitting from a speaker at a far corner of the cinema hall, for instance, gives an impression of someone walking at a distance. This three dimensional audio makes for a sound experience closer to real-life.

Put together with D-BOX, it is a true feast for the senses. Being able to see more, hear more and feel more means we’re drawn inside a story that much more.

It all boils down to the price for me. I will come back again because this experience came at quite a reasonable price tag. The ticket for Captain America: Civil War on a weekday before 6pm with those four features combined (oh and I watched it in 3D too!) came up to slightly over RM40 only.

Now that’s great value for a movie experience as engrossing and immersive as this.