“No lah,” Fattah Amin responds bashfully when asked if the actor thinks he is handsome.

Fattah, 26, who got his start in the entertainment industry after winning (male modelling competition) Hero Remaja in 2012, adds humbly that he looks “biasa-biasa saja” (ordinary).

But it’s clear his fans disagree as the suave actor is among the top five nominees for the Dnars Most Handsome Man category at the Anugerah Pilihan Online 2016 (APO2016).

“I’m grateful for the nomination. But I don’t want to put my hopes up. If I win, I win. If I don’t, it’s OK,” says Fattah who is up against Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra, Saharul Ridzuan and Shaheizy Sam in the category.

APO2016, which will be held on April 30 at Angkasapuri in Kuala Lumpur, is the first “people’s choice awards” by Star Media Group, jointly organised by the group’s Bahasa Malaysia-language portal mStar Online and radio station Suria FM.

Fattah, who showed up at this photoshoot and interview session looking dapper in a grey ensemble paired with a bright red jacket, says he does make an effort to take care of his appearance and believes it’s an important aspect of being an actor.

APO2016 nominee Fattah Amin stars in TV3's Bodyguard and TV2's Gerak Khas.

APO2016 nominee Fattah Amin stars in TV3’s Bodyguard and TV2’s Gerak Khas.

“You don’t want people to say that you are an actor, a public figure, but you don’t know how to dress up or take care of yourself. You don’t want to show up at events with just your worn out jeans,” he shares.

Besides his dressing, Fattah also makes sure he follows a regular skincare routine. He also tries to keep his body fit by staying active.

“If I’m filming a drama series, I don’t have a fixed schedule so it’s difficult to have a regular workout routine. So whenever I have some free time, I go to gym or I’ll play futsal.”

Diet-wise, Fattah says he avoids eating just before he goes to bed. “If I’m really hungry, I’ll just have something light such as fruit.”

Right now, the actor says he has been spending every day at the gym to prepare for his action-driven film debut.

“It’s action-packed, there are a lot of explosions and people jumping from one building to another,” Fattah teases about the upcoming project.

Besides the film, Fattah – who learned martial arts such as silat, taekwando and karate back in school – can also be seen playing action roles on the small screen such as TV3’s Bodyguard and TV2’s Gerak Khas 2016.

The actor welcomes the slew of action-driven storylines he’s been receiving lately, as it’s a change of pace from his previous romantic and comedic roles.

Voting for APO2016 closes tomorrow so make you your cast your votes for your favourite celebrities at apo.mstar.com.my. Catch Anugerah Pilihan Online 2016 live this April 30 on TV2 at 9pm.