Singer Eleena Harris has some thoughts about her outfit for the upcoming Anugerah Pilihan Online 2016, which features the theme “Glam Digital.”

“Hmm, I’m thinking of a dress with photography elements. Maybe I could put shiny camera lenses onto a skirt I’ll be wearing to the event,” the 19-year-old said.


Singer Eleena plans to shine at the event.

On the other hand, comedian Azrul Jamaluddin had something a little bit more literal in mind. The 42-year-old funnyman said he might come dressed as a computer for the event.

Fans have to wait till April 30 to see what Eleena, Azrul and more will be wearing to Anugerah Pilihan Online 2016 or APO2016.

The event is the first people’s choice awards show by Star Media Group with mStar Online and radio station Suria FM as joint organisers. Beauty and healthcare brand Dnars is the main sponsor.

Viewers at home can catch the show live from Angkasapuri in Kuala Lumpur on official broadcaster RTM’s TV2 at 9pm.

APO2016 features 18 awards to be given out to personalities in three categories – entertainment, sports and lifestyle.

Your favourite celebrities can vie for awards like Best Actor, Best Group and Dnars Choice for Handsome Male or Elegant Female.

Athletes and sports teams can compete in categories like Female Sportsperson and Best Team.

In the lifestyle category, awards like Fashion Icon, Best Blog and Best Social Media Celebrity are up for grabs.

The personality who received the highest votes in all categories will receive the main honour which is the APO 2016 Ultimate Celebrity award. Thirty percent of the results for each award will be decided by a panel of judges who are made up of representatives from mStar Online, Suria FM and Dnars.

mStar Online entertainment editor Niezam Abdullah said he can’t reveal the names of the judges.

“If I said I’m the judge, then I’ll be receiving bouquets of flowers everyday from personalities looking to increase their chances of winning!” he joked with the media at the APO launch in KL, last week.

The fans have the most power to decide as 70% of the results is determined by online votes on


Suria FM announcer Adibah Noor and singer Bila of Akademi Fantasia 2015 had nothing but love for the photographers. Photo: The Star/Norafifi Ehsan

mStar Online executive editor Rozaid Abdul Rahman hoped fans will seize the opportunity to get their favourite personalities nominated in the top five list in each category. After all, APO2016 is about celebrating the fans and their influence in popular culture.

“Celebrities, popular personalities and social media influencers can’t get to where they are without the support and loyalty of the fans. When mStar Online won a bronze award at the Asian Digital Media Awards in Hong Kong last year, we realised that our fans or readers have made it possible for us to receive such a recognition. It’s about time we take the initiative to organise a people’s choice awards show for the fans,” he said.Fans also stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the event by checking out contest details on the official website.

APO2016 joins the ever-growing list of local awards show with lucrative sponsorships from beauty brands. Though it’s a major boost for event organisers, recent award shows have received criticism from fans and viewers due to an endless amount of product placement.

There are concerns that the integrity of local awards show have been taken over by sponsors. Rozaid is aware of the concerns and assured fans that APO2016 will be different.

“We’ve been very lucky to have Dnars as the main sponsor as we work well together. Fortunately, they have not imposed any excessive request or syarat (conditions) to us,” Rozaid said.

For the celebrities who will be turning up for the purple carpet (the event’s official colour) at Angkasapuri, Niezam reminded them that the theme is “Glam Digital”. How the celebrities interpret the theme is entirely up to them.

“If you look nice in a shimmery outfit and you upload a photo of yourself on social media with the #APO2016, then you’ve fulfilled the theme,” he said.

That’s good news for someone like Azrul who wondered if he should come as a computer. Rozaid only has one advice: “It doesn’t matter what or how you interpret the theme. Just make sure you look decent.”

Vote for your favourite personalities on Catch the live broadcast of Anugerah Pilihan Online 2016 at 9pm on TV2 on April 30.