Local Chinese radio station 988 is celebrating its 20th year on air in the merriest way! To thank its loyal listeners, the station’s deejays have planned a host of fun, interactive activities for a year-long celebration.

To kickstart the 20th anniversary celebration, 988 is conducting MoveLa Fitness Challenge, which is set to take place this on March 13.

The game is akin to an obstacle course where contestants have to race against time to complete 20 different challenges. If you have watched enough variety shows or game shows on TV, you will understand the mechanics of the game.

Sixteen deejays from 988 will be participating in the event. There will be eight teams, each with two 988 deejays who will lead the contestants. The deejay pairings will be revealed in stages.

Commenting on the rising number of registrants for the event, DJ Cheryl says young people will enjoy the fitness challenge as they can have fun while hanging out with friends and get fit and healthy at the same time.

“We just want to tell people the plus points of getting healthy. Fitness challenges like these offer a variety of activities and an element of competition so getting fit can be a lot fun,” says the outdoorsy gal, who prefers cycling, hiking, camping and swimming.

DJ Cynthia says fitness challenges like these are a test of one’s stamina. “People will know right away whether or not you exercise regularly. Segments which require strength or lifting weights can be quite a challenge for me,” says the bubbly lass who is partial to less strenuous workouts like yoga and walks in the park.

As a regular gym goer, DJ Sean says city folks are more accustomed to indoor activities partly due to social media. “Those who live in the kampung have a healthier lifestyle playing outdoors in the sun. People need to exercise more than their fingers, so I want to remind our listeners to get out of their houses and forget about social media for a while.”

The only radio announcer who have actually tried out all the 20 challenges is DJ Hao Min. She says the challenges remind her of the extreme outdoor obstacle races she had taken part in during her school days.

“Everybody should come and have fun. Just remember to warm up properly to avoid getting hurt during the event. I also want to tell those in my group that I will do my best to help them to win,” says Hao Min.

To date, over 100 radio listeners have already registered to participate in the fitness event.

988 is targeting an entry in The Malaysia Book Of Records with its MoveLa Fitness Challenge.

988 MoveLa Fitness Challenge will be held at Celebrity Fitness Mid Valley on March 13 from 10am to 3pm. Cash prizes and vouchers are up for grabs.

To join in the fun, register now at www.988.com.my/988-movela-fit/.