Did you know composer John Williams earned his 50th Oscar nomination for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the Best Original Score category? A win in this category means he will be picking up his sixth Oscar trophy.

If Eddie Redmayne beats Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor, he joins the ranks of Tom Hanks and Spencer Tracy as back-to-back winners. Meanwhile, 25-year-old Jennifer Lawrence would set the record as the youngest two-time winner if she wins the Best Actress award for her role in Joy.

The record for youngest two-time winner has not been broken since 1938 when Luise Rainer picked up her second Oscar at the age of 28. As we wait for the 88th Academy Awards to see if any of this would come true, we look back at other memorable Oscar trivia.

1. Who has won the most Oscars?

Walt Disney has 22 Oscars to his name and mostly in the category of Best Short Subject (Cartoon). He has also received four honorary trophies including one in 1932 for the creation of Mickey Mouse. Not sure if he was cryogenically frozen with his trophies.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road is the only sequel film nominated for Best Picture this year

To date, only two sequels have won Best Picture – The Godfather II in 1974 and The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King in 2003. We hope to see director George Miller at the Oscars screaming “For Valhalla!”

3.  When the Oscars was first held in 1929, ticket to the show was priced at US$5

Today, it would be difficult to get an invite to the event unless you’re Meryl Streep. The New York Post suggests that getting an Oscar nomination is the only surefire way to score a seat at the event.

4. Hello! magazine reported that for £200,000 (RM1.2mil), a London-based concierge company will fly you and a friend to the Oscars in Los Angeles. The package includes tickets for two to the Oscars, champagne, luxurious meal prepared by a personal chef and a glam squad to help you prepare for the awards night. The chance to comfort DiCaprio if he loses to Redmayne? Priceless.

5. Unfortunately, Redmayne’s portrayal of Balem Abrasax in Jupiter Ascending earned him a nomination for Worst Supporting Actor at the 36th Golden Raspberry Awards. The event which honours the worst in the Hollywood film industry will take place one day before the Oscars. One more Oscar nominee with a Golden Raspberry nomination this year is Rooney Mara for Worst Supporting Actress in Pan.

6. Wipe that smile off your face DiCaprio as winning a Golden Raspberry award, or Razzies as it is more popularly known, is not entirely a bad thing. All About Steve got Sandra Bullock a Worst Actress award in 2009. The next day at the Oscars, she received a Best Actress award for her role in The Blind Side.

7. Wait … why is the Academy Awards call the Oscars?

Rumour has it the name stuck after actress Bette Davis said the 24-carat gold statue’s backside looked like her first husband Harmon Oscar Nelson. We Googled and couldn’t find a picture of Nelson’s behind to compare to the Oscar statue.

8.  It runs in the family

With mother Judy Garland receiving an honorary award in 1939 and dad Vincente Minnelli picking up Best Director in 1958, Liza Minnelli is the only Oscar winner (for Best Actress in 1972) with Oscar-winning parents. Will Smith and his family might want to start their own Oscar game plan.

9. What do Angelina Jolie, Marlon Brando and Matt Damon have in common?

They are all Oscar winners who don’t know what happened to their trophies. In 2009, Jolie told The Telegraph that “nobody knows where it is at the moment”. While Damon said he probably left it at his apartment in New York. Then a flood happened and that was the last time he saw his trophy. Veteran actor Brando simply didn’t care. He didn’t even show up to receive his Best Actor award in 1973.

10. Oscar winners cannot sell their trophies!

According to the Academy regulations: “Award winners shall not sell or otherwise dispose of the Oscar statuette, nor permit it to be sold or disposed of by operation of law, without first offering to sell it to the Academy for the sum of US$1.”