He loves to paint. She loves to sing. They follow their hearts and chase after their dreams.

That’s the premise of the teen romance Paint My Love, a local Mandarin flick which was filmed against the scenic backdrop of a rustic fishing village in Pulau Ketam, Selangor.

During a recent press conference to promote the movie, Jen B said he was nervous about making his directorial debut with Paint My Love. As such, he was thankful that fellow filmmaker Teng Bee served as executive producer as the Kepong Gangster director offered him a lot of guidance on the set.

And it was just as well because the filming of the movie was fraught with challenges. Three days before they were due to commence the shoot, burst pipes caused a water shortage on the set. The production crew had to arrange for clean water to be transported from Klang on a daily basis for everything – from drinking and cooking to shower and laundry.

When asked whether the plot of the movie mirrored his own experiences, Jen B said: “It’s a bit like when I was little. I liked to paint, too. People like me tend to lean towards artistic and creative pursuits. So, I was very glad to have met Teng Bee. He helped me to realise my filmmaking dreams.”

The movie features newcomer Ribbon Ooi as the female lead, Xiao Yue. She is the dream girl of the movie’s three young men played by Eric Lin and Fuying and Sam of pop duo FS. Meanwhile, Beauty Teoh provides some light-hearted moments in this colourful tale of teenage angst.

Ooi, 20, who plays a small town girl aspiring to be a singer, quipped: “Xiao Yue is not at all like me. I am actually the boisterous sort. I like that the director let me sing to my heart’s content.”

When prodded to reveal her own teenage dating experiences, Ooi admitted that she had a boyfriend at 14. “It was all very innocent. We were just holding hands. But, my parents found out. And they refused to allow us to date. So, we had to break up.”

Working with Jen B also kept the cast on their toes. “He is a man of few words. So, we had to observe his expressions to figure out what he required. The director also didn’t always follow the script. He’d make changes on the set. So, we had to learn to go with the flow,” said Sam, who plays a poor fisherman’s son who loves to paint.

Bandmate Fuying, 22, portrays a wealthy young entrepreneur who is Sam’s romantic rival in the movie. Commenting about their characters’ constant bickering over the same girl, Fuying said: “This role is also a breakthrough of sorts for me. I had to make myself the villain, a jealous character. I’m not like that at all. but for the role, I decided to take up the challenge. For the first time ever, I get to fight loudly with Sam!”

With many viewers wondering whether Sam and Ribbon actually smooched for real while filming their first screen kiss, the two responded with: “You have to go watch the movie to see for yourself!”