Which would you rather pay for: mobile phone service or music?

Chances are, most people’s answer would be the former, but what if there was a way for you to pay for mobile phone service AND get free music at the same time?

Well, the new Yonder Music service by Celcom allows you to do that.

The new exclusive partnership between Celcom Axiata Berhad and New York-based Yonder Music Inc gives Celcom users access to approximately 20 million music tracks by international, regional and local artistes from all the major labels as well as most independent labels, and even those from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal.

And the best part is, you don’t have to pay extra for this service – it comes free with your Celcom mobile service.

According to Yonder Music founder and CEO Adam Kidron, most people would already be paying for mobile phone service anyway, but would hesitate to pay for music on top of that.

“Cell service is almost the fundamental right of a human being these days! It’s almost as necessary as air and water!” he said. “Music comes after cell service (in the list of priorities), so it makes sense for it to be embedded together with the cell service.”

Explaining that less than 1% of people pay to stream digital music currently, Kidron said that Yonder Music aims to “democratise the business of music” by embedding its cost into the mobile service, thereby addressing the 99% of mobile broadband subscribers who do not regularly pay for digital music.

“It comes from the basic theory that people don’t really want to pay for music. Yes, about 1% of people will pay for music, but 99% don’t,” he said, adding that Celcom does not charge subscribers for using Yonder Music or the data they consume while using the service, as the music is already provided as part of the mobile service package.

Yonder also wants to ensure that artistes and composers are paid fairly in direct proportion to the amount of times their tracks are played.

“Our partnership with Celcom and our collaboration with local and regional artistes and record labels will exponentially increase the market for legal digital music in Malaysia,” Kidron added.

Among the local artistes they are working with are established stars like Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Yuna and Jaclyn Victor, who together with several other local singers – including Ariel Noah, Afgan Syahreza, Elizabeth Tan, Cita Citata, Joe Flizzow and SonaOne – got together to record a new R&B-pop version of the Man Bai classic Kau Ilham Ku, which is available exclusively on Yonder Music.

Proceeds from the track will benefit the Yonder Music Trust, a non-profit that contributes to organisations providing music education and poverty alleviation.

All Celcom subscribers with Android smartphones on Xpax and FiRST plans will be able to access the new service. The new FiRST plans (FiRST Blue and FiRST Gold) are bundled with unlimited music streaming via Yonder Music.

Download the Yonder Music app via the Google Play Store and by purchasing the MAGIC SIM or Celcom’s FiRST plans by Dec 18, to get access to millions of songs. For more information, visit www.yondermusic.com.