Move over, The Journey, there’s a new top movie in Malaysia and it’s still going strong at the cinemas!

Polis Evo, a fun-filled buddy cop film starring Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak, has just broken the country’s box-office movie record with takings of RM17.3mil after just 42 days of public screening.

The record was previously held by The Journey, with box-office takings of RM17.28mil – in 56 days – in 2014.

Produced by Astro Shaw and Tayangan Unggul, Polis Evo was directed by Ghaz Abu Bakar and written by a Astro Shaw’s own team of writers: Joel Soh, Kyle Goonting and Anwari Asraf.

Polis Evo premiered on Sept 17 across Malaysia and was also shown in Brunei; the movie was screened in a total of 83 cinemas. Currently, it is still showing in 71 cinemas in Malaysia.

The movie follows the story of how two policemen – Khai (Shaheizy), a hot-shot city cop who specialises in handling major drug investigations, and Sani (Zizan), an inspector in a sleepy town who is just trying to make his late father proud – are forced to team up to take down a drug syndicate in Terengganu.

Polis Evo also stars Nora Danish, Wan Hanafi Su, Pablo Amirul, Eyka Farhana, Mimi Ernida, Amerul Affendi, Ayie Hushairi and the late Harun Salim Bachik.


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