5 Signs that an Elderly Person is Suffering from Nursing Home Abuse

Life is wonderful and we should live it to the fullest. It is full of moments that we now have before us, we witness them and they do not repeat themselves. So the situations we once went through will not be repeated, some strangers we once talked to will not meet again, our loved ones will grow old and will not be the same for a year and all this leads to one conclusion, and that e – live each moment to the best of your ability. This is especially true for people who are close to us, especially for parents and grandparents as they get older and their years go by, and as long as they are here we need to appreciate them and spend as much time with them as possible.


This is the best advice because as the years go by, each of us becomes an adult and they age slowly. Their working life will end, and then they will be retirees who will usually be at home or in their garden and enjoy their free time, but when they are free you will not be free. There is also a possibility that you can no longer take care of them so there is a need to transfer them to one of the nursing homes and convalescent homes where they will be living with other seniors of their age or similar age. they will spend time together. So enjoy while you can with them!


Of course, there is nothing wrong with moving your parents to a convalescent home or nursing home because there will be someone to care for them but keep in mind that you will need to research well and thoroughly where you send your parents to custody. Why? Because in recent years there are more and more such homes for such care where the elderly do not receive the care they should receive and for which you pay but simply receive a bad treatment, say some of the best legal entities and lawyers for what more you can check here. There are more and more such cases, and if you already have a parent or a loved one who is in such a care center, you will need to know the signs that the elderly person sends and gives you. What are the most common signs of suffering in such homes and centers? We will talk about that today and you will find out much more in the continuation of this article.

  1. They are usually withdrawn and do not want to talk – if you have a loved one who is already in such a center or home for the elderly, then you should carefully monitor the behavior of the person because the behavior may lead to a conclusion that something is wrong and that the person suffers. Most people who are dissatisfied with the care they are given are withdrawn and do not want to talk loud enough, so if you notice this you need to talk to the people in charge in the institution immediately or talk to the person to come to the answer.
  2. They are usually sad when you talk to them – your parent is placed in a nursing home and shows no signs of happiness and joy when you talk to him and most of the time he is sad? This may be often because you are separated and missing each other, but there may be other indications such as insufficient care and abuse at home. So try to get as much information as possible, openly discuss the things and events that are part of their daily lives so that you can react, and even hire a lawyer who will legally act with you to punish people who torture your close family member.
  3. They spend most of their time in their room – fear and resentment, or rather suffering can be manifested in many ways in older people, and especially can be seen through their behavior such as the most frequent sitting in the room and lying in their bed. . If this often happens to your loved one who is in a home or care center, then it is very likely that it is a case of bad treatment and abuse that he encounters every day and therefore out of fear is most often in his room thinking as the safest place. Act appropriately and in a timely manner if you notice something like this.
  4. Sometimes they are even angry and aggressive because of the mistreatment – very often the anger and aggression that is unwarranted in a loved one who is in a home or nursing home can be a sign of abuse, torture, and ill-treatment by staff, but the person simply out of fear as if he does not want to express it and because of that those bad aggressive outbursts occur. In such a case, it is necessary to react calmly, to calm down the whole situation, and to come to the answer about what is actually happening in the institution. That way you will be able to find out if the staff takes good care of your loved one and if you need to take legal action in this regard.
  5. They often call and cry while talking to you – if the sadness is recognizable in the voice of your loved one and you notice that the person on the other end of the phone or in your presence is crying, then something is certainly wrong. This is often the result of poor care and abuse that can occur in such homes and centers on the elderly. You must take this sign very seriously and act accordingly, ie find out what is the root of the problem so that you can know how to act and extract the truth, and then the whole situation to be properly corrected, even legally. if needed.

Each of these signs is very important. They may appear separately or there may be a combination of signs that give you the impression that something is wrong. It is good to have contact with a lawyer who will be your support and will give you guidance on how to solve the problem that really exists. React in a timely manner and resolve this issue.

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