Unique working experience

Talking to Tay Ai Leen, general manager of Design Village in Penang, it is clear that she is passionate about her profession.

“It’s a very unique experience working with an outlet mall. I can literally walk down to the mall within five minutes to get my apparel and beauty products, all at discounted prices. It’s great retail therapy on a daily basis,” says Tay.

“I enjoy walking here as Design Village is beautifully landscaped. One feels she is shopping in the gardens with the surrounding trees, water features and playground.” The best part of her job, says Tay, is the excitement and joy she felt when Design Village was officially opened last November.

“It’s quite amazing to see a project through from ground zero,” enthuses Tay. “I enjoy developing marketing programmes for shoppers, to drive footfall to the mall as well as the collaboration with industry players and our tenants.”

Coming from the beauty industry, Tay certainly knows a thing or two about the retail scene. “There’s no doubt that the current retail market is soft … but it’s a cycle and the economy will rebound and Design Village will be there to enjoy the upswing.”

According to Tay, her daily commute to office is a contrast to Kuala Lumpur, where she was formerly based. “When I drive across the Penang Second Bridge in the mornings to get to work, it’s so serene and quiet. The scenery is beautiful, especially when the sun’s rays reflect on the water. It almost feels like I’m on vacation!”

design village

Tay Ai Leen, the general manager of Design Village in Penang.