Welcome to the world of intense, fierce and exciting beyblade battles.

Based on a line of spinning top toys called Beyblade, Beyblade Burst revolves around a group of elementary school kids doing battle with their spinning tops in a bid to become the world’s top “blader”.

The lead character is Valt Aoi, a cheerful, gifted, strong-spirited rookie blader with a strong belief in his partner, a blade he calls Valtryek. Surprisingly, this belief he has in Valtryek works every single time! He might be a beginner, but his love for the game and his innate talent allows him to shine. The brilliant freshman is able to master techniques and moves in a short time and even invents his own special move – The Flash Launch – from scratch.

In Volume One, the characters that appear most often are Shu Kurenai, a beyblade prodigy, and Rantaro Kiyama, who loves to tease Valt, but who also provides moral support and guidance.

Each character has his own special personality and also a unique blade partner.

The relationship between Valt and Shu is unique. Though Valt always looks up to Shu, he also treats him as a rival. On the other hand, Shu is strict with Valt when it comes to beyblade battles, but he is more than willing to give him advice to help him advance to a higher level.

Valt starts off as a beginner in the game but gets more serious as he sets his sights on a district tournament, where he advances to a final showdown with Shu.

The storyline can be a little monotonous, as most of the scenes are almost predictable (protagonist loses in the first round but eventually gains the winning point). Nonetheless, the spirit of sportsmanship highlighted by the author is worthy of praise.

Even though Valt and Shu are competing against one another, they also inspire and push each other to be the best they can be.

Another commendable point is the belief that Valt has in Valtryek – he never gives up on his top even when it is broken into pieces. He fixes it and the team comes back stronger.


As for the artwork, it uses fantasy creatures to illustrate the blades in action, including a knight on a galloping horse, fire-breathing dragons, and guardian watchdogs. These further enhance the excitement of the beyblade game.

All in all, the manga works in terms of conveying its message, and should appeal to fans of the toy. I just wish the story was not so predictable all the time.

Beyblade Burst #1-#2

Writer/Artist: Hiro Morita

Publisher: Shogakukan