Thor #8 (series finale)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russel Dauterman
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Yep, the world will always need Thor – in whatever form, and however many (and if you’re not down with that, check out the upcoming Thors title).

Thor#8 by Jason Aaron and Russel Dauterman.

The biggest mystery in the current Marvel universe was finally revealed last week, when the secret identity of the new female Thor was finally revealed in Thor #8.

The final issue of Jason Aaron and Russel Dauterman’s Thor title (the series switches to Thors for the Secret Wars event) doesn’t disappoint, with an entertaining all-out battle between Odin’s Destroyer and a virtual army of some of Marvel’s mightiest female warriors, from She-Hulk to Black Widow.

It all ends in triumph for the heroes, of course, and acceptance of the new Thor by not just the heroes, but also the Odinson and his mother, Freya as well. (The best part is Lady Sif “advising” her to “lose the hammer and the sidekick”. It’s not often you get the former Thor being called a sidekick.)

When it comes to the big reveal, however, Aaron delivers an emotional yet poignant finale that bodes well for the character moving forward, giving Thor a much-needed sense of humanity that the Odinson never really had.

While in some ways it was not unexpected, there was still some surprise that they actually went with the character who was eventually revealed.

So: who is it?

Well, without giving away spoilers (though it’s all over the Internet by now), let’s just say that it is definitely someone very, very close to Thor.

No, it’s not his mother.

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