Author : Yangsze Choo

Genre : fiction

Publisher : William Morrow

Once a management consultant, she even spent some time working at a start up. That was before she had kids and became their slave, she says. Life as a

slave does seem to have worked out pretty well, however. It allowed her to transform her long-time hobby of writing from mere indulgence to bona fide priority. “Now I get to legitimately tell my children to be quiet because I’m ‘writing’.”

In fact, Choo just recently made it to the Barnes & Noble Fall 2013 “Discover Great New Writers” list, and is also recommended by a whole bunch of others (Indie Next List, Bookseller Editor’s Pick, and Library Journal Barbara’s Pick).

It’s probably safe to say that just over a year ago, having her very own audio book would have also been beyond imagination.

A “gazillion” hours in the studio later, however, and she’s a seasoned voice-over artist: “I was kicking myself because there are so many old men in this book; cunning old men, opium-addicted old men, wheezy old men … and I had to make them all sound different!”

If you want to get your hands on a copy of The Ghost Bride, it’s out tomorrow in MPH stores. And if you want to meet the brains behind the book, Choo says she has plans to attend the Singapore’s Writers festival this November, and is currently still in discussions about a date for a visit to Malaysia.

To get taste of the author, you can visit her blog at for recipes, more info on the book, and other random (and often very funny) things.