The Mampu Art Market in Penang is back next month. Following the enthusiastic response to its first showing at the Hin Bus Depot in George Town last August, the Mampu Art Market will be returning for a second run at the same venue from June 2-7.

The upcoming Mampu Art Market promises an extensive line-up of newcomer artists, hotshot names and affordable artworks for sale.

The event, which will be presented in an exhibition format, will include works from homegrown and expat artists such as Ajim Juxta, Bibichun, Darsh Kanda, Ethan Ng, Caryn Koh, Syahbandi Samat, Aleff Ahmad, Elena Kravchenko, Willwin Yang, Howard Tan, Zan and Winnie Cheng.

Although bigger, Mampu’s aim remains the same, says organiser Teo Xu Jen.

“Mampu is to inspire interest in art and to make local art more accessible, and affordable, to Malaysians,” says Teo, who mentions that the works will be priced between RM300 and RM2,500.

Despite the success of last year’s Mampu, Teo adds that there are many who still feel that art is only to be appreciated by the affluent class.

“As such, there is this divide between our young creative community and fellow Malaysians to a certain extent. But in truth, art is reflective of the realities and environment around us and as such, is not and should not be alien to us,” says Teo.

“So there is definitely a continuous need to make art more accessible to everyone, and we at Mampu want to bridge that divide.”


The Mampu Art Market also serves as a platform for a diverse array of art styles.

There will be more than 30 artists from all over the nation involved.

Ajim Juxta, a multi-talented visual artist based in Kuala Lumpur, is eager to contribute works at the Mampu Art Market.

“I’ve worked with the organisers before and I think Mampu is something that is definitely important in shaking up the existing (art) market,” says Ajim, who is one of the main movers in the Titikmerah collective and gallery.

“For the artists, it’s a good opportunity to unveil new works or to be more experimental. There is this freedom. For the potential buyers, it’s a chance to discover unfamiliar names. Mampu is a place that welcomes independent artists and also those from the gallery circuit,” he adds.

All works are suitable for everyone, from seasoned collectors to first time buyers.

“The artists come from various disciplines, so there will definitely be something for everyone,” says Teo.

Visitors will even be able to meet with several of the artists who will be present during the fair.

Mampu Art Market’s opening reception will take place on June 3.

For more information, refer to the Facebook and Instagram of Mampu Art Market or email