Star Trek fans can now get Starfleet’s most famous figures on their mail, thanks to a new collection of seven stamps issued on Friday (Apr 28) by Canada Post, the country’s mail operator.

The stamps, a followup to a set released last year for the science-fiction franchise’s 50th anniversary, include the captains from each of the five television series already aired.

They are depicted alongside a key nemesis from the series.

The sixth stamp is of the Galileo shuttle craft, which first appeared in the original series in 1966. A holographic foil stamp in the shape of a “Borg” cube is the seventh in the collection. – Reuters

Here’s a peek of how what some of the stamps look like

Star Trek

This stamp commemorates one of Star Trek’s hit movies, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, with William Shatner playing Admiral James T. Kirk and the late Ricardo Montalban as Khan.


star trek

The envelope that comes with the stamp. This one features the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


star trek

The Borg cube on the right corner is actually the stamp. How cool is that?