The Museum Of Modern Art has some funky designs on show this month.

A game console and a machine that can turn bananas into an instrument are just two of the five new design objects set to go on show at the Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

The museum has acquired a selection of DIY design pieces as part of a “Humble Masterpieces” series featuring objects that “reflect the deep and central role technology and interface design now play in education, production, and our everyday lives.”

The selection includes the Arduino, an open-source, programmable microchip which can be used to manipulate components such as sensors, LEDs, and motors.

Experimental synthesizer Ototo and Colour Chaser, a miniature vehicle that translates colour data into sound will also go on show at the gallery.

Colour Chaser

Finishing up the new collection will be the DIY Gamer Kit, which lets users build their own console, and the Makey Makey invention kit, which can do everything from turn a banana into a musical instrument to allow users to play Pacman by touching a sketch.

“All of our new acquisitions are low-cost, countering one possible definition at least-that money or expensive materials define masterpieces,” say Paola Antonelli and Michelle Millar Fisher, senior curator, Department of Architecture and Design, and curatorial assistant, Department of Architecture and Design respectively, on the MoMA blog.

The pieces, some of which are already available to purchase as replicas in the MoMA store, will be integrated into the museum's permanent collection in the new year. — AFP Relaxnews