The Shanghai Long Museum has announced that the upcoming exhibition Mark Bradford: Los Angeles will open on July 27 – marking the American artist’s largest show in China to date.

The retrospective, organised by curator Diana Nawi, explores the evolution of Bradford’s art over the past decade.

It features his large-scale public sculpture Mithra, which first appeared in the exhibition Prospect 1. New Orleans.

The 21m-long installation was constructed from plywood panels picked off the streets of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It will be the first time that the full-scale boat will be on show outside of the United States.

The exhibition Mark Bradford: Los Angeles will also comprise a new 12m-tall site specific installation. Named Waterfall, the artwork consists of deconstructed painting strips, cascading down the museum’s double-height central foyer.

Additionally, the retrospective will display Bradford’s latest series of large-scale paintings, which explore the civil unrest experienced during the 1965 Watts Rebellion in Los Angeles.

“Mark’s radical approach to painting, through both material and content, has established new terms and possibilities for the genre.

“His works are gestural palimpsests of paint, canvas, paper, rope and everyday materials; messily sublime objects that can be read as maps, artifacts, critiques, memorials, and manifestations of presence. They offer a striking interplay between form and surface, and notions of identity, site and history,” outlined curator Diana Nawi in a statement.

Mark Bradford: Los Angeles will be open to the public, free of charge, at the Shanghai Long Museum from July 27 to Oct 13. — AFP