Whether you are in the mood for a picnic or feel like spicing up your home, Ikea’s latest Sommar collection may just have something for you.
The collection was created together with designers Lotta Kuhlhorn and Malin Unnborn, and design collective Textilgruppen & Papperian.

The collective has been run by Vaxjo County in Sweden since 2001 as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art. The 26 artists work mainly with paper and textile designs, as well as sculptures.

The two designers, recognised for their geometric, bold and graphic designs, offer a good contrast to the lively styles of Papperian.

“Kuhlhorn’s and Unnborn’s strict geometric language really complement the free hand and playful expression of Textilgruppen & Papperian,” said Mats Nilsson, Ikea creative leader, in a press statement.

“The ambition was to create a generous mix of patterns, yet keeping them concise in terms of the four prime colours – blue, yellow, red and green. That was how we started,” said Unnborn.

From bright beach towels to cool looking coolers, the collection is all about a playful aesthetic and graphic, colourful prints. Choose from bright floral trays and utensils, to bold-coloured pouffes or LED solar-powered lamps.

Forming part of the collection is the Havsten lightweight furniture. Designed for both the indoors and outdoors, its sofa is easily moveable from the patio or balcony to the indoors, great when you have extra company at home.

“It was important for me to keep a lot of the pattern designs quite simple so that it wouldn’t feel overwhelming. I wanted the patterns to work together, but not look the same,” added Unnborn.

Flexible to use while you watch a movie at home or to laze out in the garden, the Otteron pouffe is another interesting design. With a cover handmade from recycled polypropylene, it can be used to sit on or serve as a footstool.

Meanwhile, Funkon and Festholmen cushions are water-repellent and fade-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use.