This school holiday season, do you want to snuggle up to a giant Hello Kitty plush toy? Then walk a mile in her shoes and say hello to all her friends?

Now you can, at the magical world that is Our Sanrio Times – Kuala Lumpur at Quill City Mall.

This exhibition, featuring over 100 beloved Sanrio characters and 300 vintage items, will delight both the young and young at heart.

For long-time fans, this will be a nostalgic walk down memory lane, especially with mini exhibits such as the Vintage Stationery House, which offers a glimpse into its colourful history of writing supplies and other related items. Many of these are considered collectibles as they are no longer in production.

Our Sanrio Times – Kuala Lumpur is organised by Alata Events and Macexpo Exhibition Co, and supported by Tourism Malaysia. The 1,500sq m space feels like a cross between a museum with interactive exhibits, and a theme park world.

No, there are no rides (although you can sit on a stationary train) but it does feel like you are walking through a Sanrio wonderland, especially in the Sanrio Village.

A replica of the first Hello Kitty product in history, which was a child’s coin purse released in Japan in 1975.

“It is an experience of a lifetime to walk through the space and enjoy what we have put together for Our Sanrio Times. The exhibition is great fun, but also nostalgic and educational, as it offers fans not just the familiar but also a glimpse of its history,” says Albertt Leong, director of Alata Events.

There is a game zone, a section where you can purchase snacks such as fruit tarts, cookies and macarons, and if dressing up Kiki and Lala in different apparels are your cup of tea, then check out Paper Doll Fun.

hello kitty

Paper Doll Fun at Our Sanrio Times where you can dress Kiki and Lala up in an assortment of paper wardrobe pieces.

Our Sanrio Times is the largest showcase of its kind in Malaysia and South-East Asia, so be prepared to spend a good hour or two here, and possibly longer, if you want to check out every exhibit and take lots of photographs.

Here are some highlights:

Hello Kitty and Plush Tunnel

Your journey at Our Sanrio Times will start with a bang as you turn around the corner and come face to face with a giant 3.5m-tall Hello Kitty greeting you at the entrance.

This leads to the Plush Tunnel, where over 2,000 plush iterations of 100 Sanrio friends are stacked from floor to ceiling.

The Retro Classic

This is the replica of the Hello Kitty coin purse, the first Sanrio merchandise to hit the streets in the mid 1970s.

hello kitty

A young visitor at the Our Sanrio Times Drawing Classroom.

Drawing Classroom

Learn how to draw your favourite Sanrio character at this sketch tutorial that leads you through the steps. There are nine characters to choose from, so get working!

Strawberry Newsroom

A room filled with strawberries! Red, luscious and a whole lot of fun, this space adjourns into a more thoughtful – though no less colourful – room, where The Strawberry Office lies. The Strawberry News, a monthly magazine, has been published since the mid-1970s. You can browse past issues of Strawberry News here, relax among bright red strawberry cushions or pose for pictures at the photo booth.

Sanrio Train

Taking centre stage in the Sanrio Village is the iconic Sanrio Train, where you can clamber in and sit beside Patty and Jimmy, as well as Minna no Tabo, before wandering the village.

Our Sanrio Times – Kuala Lumpur is on at Hall 5, Level 5, Quill City Mall in KL till Jan 6. Opening hours: 11am to 9pm. Tickets: RM33 (regular), RM20 (concession). For more info, visit