Malaysian artist-architect Red Hong Yi is set to turn heads once again – without a paint brush. Hers has been an artful career filled with unconventional installations and murals using found objects.

From teabags and leaves, food dye, coffee stains, sunflower seeds, glass, melted candles, chopsticks, ink cartridge and printer paper, she has dazzled with her personal and commissioned works.

On Dec 11, Red will unveil a new installation at an exhibition called Artology: Explore Art And Technology With You(th), which is presented by smartphone brand Honor. The show will be held at H Queen’s, an art and lifestyle tower, in central Hong Kong.

Red, 32, reveals that she created an exclusive installation made from approximately 2,000 pieces of recycled smartphone glass backs.

The artwork, titled Aurora, reflects light in different angles and viewers will be greeted with ever-changing colours and hues.

“I am very honoured to be entrusted with a project of this scale. When I first saw the smartphone glass back, I was captivated by the array of hues that bounced off the surface. It reminds me of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon,” says Red, who was born and raised in Kota Kinabalu.


The artist’s preliminary sketches of her installation Aurora, which will be exhibited in Hong Kong.

Pick a smartphone and most people look immediately at the screen. The back of a smartphone, says the well-travelled artist, is not often noticed.

“It is the unique quality of this (glass back) material that allowed me to create this giant chandelier, inspired by the aurora. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to create modern art that incorporates cutting edge technology,” she adds.

The Hong Kong exhibition Artology: Explore Art And Technology With You(th), featuring Red’s Aurora artwork, is on between Dec 11 and Dec 23.