With fewer than 500 inhabitants, Staro Zhelezare in southern Bulgaria is a world away from the mean streets of Manhattan, but its houses and barns have now been painted with some of the most famous images from New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

It is the fourth year that students from Poland have painted the walls of Staro Zhelezare, a project launched by Polish woman Katarzyna Piriankov and her Bulgarian-born husband Ventzislav who decided the theme this time should be the New York gallery.

“We always want to make our projects on the basis of contrast and absurdity, connecting them with special places,” said Piriankov, from the Polish city of Poznan.

“So, we decided to invite New York to Staro Zhelezare and its people. They also deserve to see the beauty of MoMA’s art works.”

As well as the locals, foreign visitors have come to see the street art.


Women walk past reproductions of the paintings (from left) Jacob’s Ladder by Helen Frankenthaler, Picture With An Archer by Vasily Kandinsky and Number 10 by Mark Rothko, painted on a wall of a house in Staro Zhelezare.

“It is just amazing,” said Englishman Nigel Thompson.

“I’ve never imagined something like that, you can even see Marcel Duchamp’s bicycle wheel.” – Reuters