Jamie Tan says on her website Epicuriosity that she’s “the untrained baker and mistake maker”.

“People say baking is a science – precision is necessary in the pursuit of perfection. I prefer to take pleasure in happy accidents and culinary clashes of taste and texture.”

But it’s worked for the Los Angeles-based designer and animator. When renowned artist Adrián Villar Rojas was looking for a local cake artist to help with his exhibition, The Theater Of Disappearance (currently on at the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art in LA), her experimental approach caught his eye.

Tan began baking cakes and fancy French pastries as a meditative practice to help her balance the 20-credit semesters she was taking at the California Institute of the Arts.

According to the CalArts blog, Tan says the baking process and more specifically, “the relationship between textures, flavours, and memory and feeling” naturally started informing her art practice.

Jamie Tan cakes

Some of the cakes Tan designed for the exhibition.

Tan is the founder and lead designer of the Motion Arsenal Studio. For Rojas’ exhibition, her company created over 70 experimental cake sculptures, many of which look like natural rock formations in tandem with the area surrounding the immersive installation. She designed them to look as if they were had layers of crystals and  sedimentary layers.

For the cakes, Tan worked only with food-based ingredients. The artworks, including the cakes, will be visibly transformed by the natural process of decomposition through the period of the exhibition (Oct 22, 2017-May 13, 2018).