DC Comics is about to get perhaps its most disturbing and terrifying version of Batman ever (other than Rainbow Batman, of course) – The Batman Who Laughs.

Imagine if Joker and Batman were actually the same person. Imagine a psychotic, homicidal maniac with the money and resources of Bruce Wayne, set loose in Gotham City. Now imagine that guy, dressed in a costume that looks like a cross between a bat and the Witch King of Angmar from Lord Of The Rings, with a grotesque grin on his face.

That’s the Batman Who Laughs for you. And he even has a pack of twisted Robins on his leash, literally.

This nightmare version of Batman is part of the ongoing Metal event, which sees the main DC Universe being threatened by a “Dark Multiverse”. Imagine everything you knew about DC’s 52 Earths, all flipped and twisted into something horrifying and dark. That’s essentially the idea behind the Dark Multiverse.

The Batman Who Laughs is actually one of seven evil, nightmarish Dark Knights from the Dark Multiverse, in which the soul of Bruce Wayne is fused with other characters.

The Batman Who Laughs even has his own group of Robins on his leash, literally. Photo: Jason Fabok/DC Comics

The others include The Red Death (a Batman with Flash’s speed), The Devastator (a Batman version of Doomsday), The Dawnbreaker (an evil Batman Green Lantern), The Murder Machine (a Cyborg-Batman hybrid), The Drowned (Aquabatman?), and The Merciless (Wonder Woman Batman… We can’t wait to see how this will turn out).

Next month will see the release of a one-shot for each of these nightmare Batmans, and they’ll be playing prominent roles in the DC Universe throughout the event as well. Thought the Crime Syndicate in Forever Evil was bad? We can’t wait to see how Batman and the Justice League handle THESE guys.