Who says comics are only about superheroes? Over the year, we’ve also reviewed several graphic novels that deserve their time in the limelight too. Here are five of our favourites:

The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (Epigram Books)

Writer/artist Sonny Liew tells the history of Singapore (and in part, Malaysia) through the works of fictional artist Charlie Chan Hock Chye, supposedly Singapore’s greatest ever comic artist. If only all historical works were this creative, original, and fun to read.

The Sandman Overture (Vertigo Comics)

Neil Gaiman returns to the property that made him a star, telling a story that takes the reader on a journey through time, space, and dreams. With gorgeous artwork by J.H. Williams II this is a graphic novel to savoured, to be lingered over, and to be marvelled at.

Nimona (Harper Teens)

Witty, funny, and outrageously original, writer/artist Noelle Stevenson’s popular web comic transitions to graphic novel format seamlessly, and serves as a brilliant introduction to comics for kids.

The Sculptor (First Second Books)

Created by writer/artist Scott McCloud, reviewer Davin Arul calls this a “dazzling, sometimes disturbing tale of one man’s drive to establish a legacy, and about the struggle against futility.”

Fables, Vol 22: Farewell (Vertigo Comics)

A single issue that is so big, it is its own trade paperback, Bill Willingham’s long-running series came to an end almost perfectly, tying up loose ends, and giving everyone (the good guys, that is) a happily-ever-after ending. – Michael Cheang

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