The details on how to be a part of Malaysia’s latest crowd-sourced digital novel.

Whether you’re thinking of submitting your writing or voting for the most deserving chapter, this is how Eqlee works.

Registration period: It’s on right now – go to and register as an author or judge.

Submission period: Submit your potential chapter, with a maximum of 10,000 words. It can be about any subject.

Entries for the first chapter will be accepted until Aug 16.

Every registered user is only allowed one entry.

Voting period: Over a span of three weeks after Aug 16, you get to read all the potential chapters and vote for as many chapters as you want by giving them one to five stars. The chapter with the highest number of votes becomes an official chapter of the novel.

Reading period: The public gets to read the winning chapter and think about a potential continuation. This period will last for three weeks as well.

Submission period begins again: The public submits potential chapters that continue the storyline of the previous winning chapter.

Repeat until Eqlee decides the story has come to an end. (That could take a long time, according to Eqlee founder Victor Lozada!)

Submission for the first chapter ends on Aug 16. To submit your writing and to vote, visit