Cleansing 101 and Why Cleaning Your Face Is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do

Let’s face it, if your skin isn’t properly cleansed, any product that you put on top of it won’t do half the job. You need to give your face the complete treatment and what we mean by this is: cleansing.

A cleanse to remove any makeup and then a second to clean out dirt and oil. Only after this you can bring out your toner and your make up that will bring balance and nourish your skin. You may be wondering where to start and how to do it properly.

Well let’s start!

A good cleaning and toning lotion will do wonders for you and you need to find something that will clean and purify your skin. You should find something with herbs and you should use natural ingredients. We can recommend lemon balm and nettle for this. Soaps with these ingredients will do wonders and they will also form a protective coat on your skin. After the soap you should then take a splash of micellar water and after this you could consider mousse or something with foam. When applied correctly this will gently exfoliate the skin.

We have already mentioned that a thorough cleanse is essential for great skin. Start by cleansing your skin with either the (depending upon preference) or the. This will remove any makeup and SPF from the skin’s surface.

This is a crucial step that will enable you to perform your second cleanse. This step is essential as it will allow your second cleanse to be effective. Step three is a simple swipe of your Toning Lotion of choice and your skin is ready for the rest of your routine.

Velvet Cleanings Milk

We need to let you know some of the most amazing products for this use. We decided to highlight out the Velvet Cleansing Milk (and the Hydrating Toning Lotion). Which we wholeheartedly recommend. A calm, balanced and purified skin that never looked better.


It has a creamy texture that is easy to wash off. This is not a great makeup remover, especially waterproof mascara and eyeliner remover. However, it can be used as a gentle second cleanse to complete a routine. This is primarily used to remove sunscreen so it has worked well for me in my routine. This may not be as helpful for those who need a deep cleanse.

It is not surprising, however, that the products have been carefully formulated with three key pillars: gentle cleansing, preservation and enhancement of the skin’s microbiota, and anti-pollution abilities. All their products including the Cleansers, Toning Lotions and other products are suitable to all women, all skin types, and all types of makeup. So it is truly a perfect product.

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