Alpha-H Liquid Gold Review

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is new industry standard! This exfoliating treatment should be your got to beauty product if you need something for the most common skin issues. Be it that you want to brighten up some dark spots, slow down aging and just refresh your face, this is it. The Australian brand Alpha H … Read more

Crème de la Mer Review

A cult following, the Crème de la Mer has garnered worldwide attention from stars and ordinary people alike. The perfect moisturizer formula designed by a physicist over the big span of twelve years. The story like one of the movies, he wanted to develop something to treat the burns he suffered while working in the … Read more

Should You Apply Eye Serum Before Your Eye Cream?

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African Beauty Brands Are Getting Better And Better

African beauty brands are rocking it. Their all natural lines from raw ingredients and domestic plants are something out of this world. Exotic and refreshing, we think that the future of make up is in the motherland of humans. Collecting ancient knowledge passed down by generations that includes exotic plants and combinations, the market is … Read more

What Foods Can Cause Acne Outbreaks

Chronic acne is a serious issue that causes problems for many people around the globe. The inflammatory skin condition will cause rash-like spots and nasty pimples on the upper region of the body. It is caused by clogged follicles of the hair where you have buildups of oil and dead skin cells. Acne can also … Read more