Black Rose Cream Mask – Sisley Paris a Review

Another beauty product with a big following the Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask is one of the greats. The small pink toned package has a cult status and it is one of the top skin care products currently on the market. The small bottle even says so, “Instant Youth” and in this short piece … Read more

The Concealer Comes Before Or After Foundation?

Many are not sure which comes first, will you apply the concealer or the foundation? Our whole team wants to clear up this question once for all! Foundation always comes first and there is no exception to this rule! A senior makeup artist tells us that all blemishes or spots that you hid with the … Read more

How To Use The M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

The M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is an amazing foundation first and foremost. If you have come by it and didn’t get it, you were wrong! With a 24 hours lasting formula and a brad spectrum SPF 15 face protection, it should be in your purse. This foundation just feels different and it feels like … Read more

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Review

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is new industry standard! This exfoliating treatment should be your got to beauty product if you need something for the most common skin issues. Be it that you want to brighten up some dark spots, slow down aging and just refresh your face, this is it. The Australian brand Alpha H … Read more

Crème de la Mer Review

A cult following, the Crème de la Mer has garnered worldwide attention from stars and ordinary people alike. The perfect moisturizer formula designed by a physicist over the big span of twelve years. The story like one of the movies, he wanted to develop something to treat the burns he suffered while working in the … Read more