How To Have The Hair Tuck

You must have tried “the hair tuck” at least once. You know what it is, right. It is the hair loosely half-tucked into a sweater, or jacket. One would say that there is no much work about it, but there are some key things you need to do in order to make it properly. Here … Read more

How To Take Care of Asian Hair Types

All heads are different, in and out. This needs to be taken in consideration in all wakes of life and in all our decisions. So being an Asian person with this type of hair, well it has it’s own challenges. Asian hair has its own characteristics and in this article we wanted to celebrate it … Read more

Is It Worth It: Oribe Texturizing Hair Spray

With the constantly evolving beauty scene, we are getting new wonder products by the day. Some hot new thing that will change how you look and your daily routines. Still, there are some staples in the industry, products that have won our hearts and products that cast a big shadow over anything new. This time … Read more