The Beauty of Eating Chicken Feet

There are so many of you who don’t love chicken feet. I’m firmly in the other camp, a believer of eating chicken feet and other odd bits. It’s fortunate that I like the gelatinous, sometimes chewy texture – depending on whether they are stewed, boiled or fried – but confess the sight of those fleshy … Read more

Top 4 Must-Try Desserts In Paradigm Mall JB (Malaysia)

Time to cross the border to Johor Bahru for a shopping and dining experience. To start this ultimate shopping experience, head to one of the closest malls to Singapore, Paradigm Mall JB, located in Johor Bahru. Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru is also known as the largest shopping mall in Johor Bahru. There are more than … Read more

5 Gift Ideas For Your Food Lover Friend

Gifting your conscious foodie friend can be tricky, especially when you have no idea of what presents would align with their choices. Adding to it, there are chances that you’re already navigating through hundreds of different websites and blogs, only to end up in a confusion. Therefore, to help you out, we’ve curated this list … Read more