Rae Morris about Beauty

Rae Morris is one of the favourite makeup artists in Australia. She is the makeup artists from whom you always can learn something new as Eleanor Pendleton said. Rae is not afraid to go technical which places her in the place weher she is the one of the few artists that can give you advice … Read more

6 Outfits with Fall Felt Hat: 6 Fashion Tips and Rules

Accessories are a mandatory part of every good styling, and some are even necessary because apart from being effective fashion accessories, they are also functional and practical. Every lady’s wardrobe should contain a good bag, a spacious leather wallet, as well as a sweater, both for summer and for colder days. The hat has always … Read more

Where to buy Australian Made UGG Boots this Season

Are you thinking about buying new UGG boots? Even though the popularity of these exploded over two decades ago, it seems that they are not going anywhere. You have to admit that it is kind of a record for a fashion trend. Since these can last you for a long time, if you maintain them … Read more