Where to buy Australian Made UGG Boots this Season

Are you thinking about buying new UGG boots? Even though the popularity of these exploded over two decades ago, it seems that they are not going anywhere. You have to admit that it is kind of a record for a fashion trend.

Since these can last you for a long time, if you maintain them properly, you want to ensure you got the authentic, sheepskin ones. It may seem odd at first, but finding these can be quite challenging because most people can recognize the difference between the ones manufactured by the Australian company and those made by the American one. In this article, we provide you with tips on choosing the right pair, where to buy them, and how to care for them.

Where to buy them?


Before we answer this question, we have to make something clear. These boots are known as UGGs, but you have to check the country of origin when buying them. An American corporation, Deckers Brands, owns the UGG trademark in over 130 countries around the world. If you go to most stores or malls, theirs will be the boots you will find unless it is specified otherwise. Even though these are available almost everywhere, you have to remember that their quality cannot come close to those manufactured in Australia.

Due to this reason, you should be careful where you buy these. Obviously, the company’s official store is always the safest option. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other online stores, like uggs.com.au, that sell authentic Australian UGGs. Make sure to check the description of the product before making a purchase. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about online shopping or not. This information will be clearly stated on the box. It goes without saying that these should always be your first option if you want to invest in long-lasting footwear.

Other things to consider

Yes, there are several other things you have to inspect beforehand to be confident you are purchasing the best pair of boots. The first one is the country of origin, and since we have already discussed this matter, we won’t go into further details. The bottom line is that you have to ensure the boots are made in Australia and not China or Vietnam.

Material thickness


You are probably wondering what difference this can make. Sheepskin is sheepskin, right? Well, yes and no. All Australian-made UGGs are made from sheepskin, but there are different grades of it. The lowest is F-grade, and this is the one you should avoid at all costs. The main reason for this is that these are not of the best quality, so they won’t be very warm and comfy, and probably won’t last you long. On the other hand, you should also go with the ones made from A-grade sheepskin. These offer all the benefits of UGGs, which is why people love them so much.

Overall quality

Since these boots can be quite expensive, which we will discuss later on, you have to be sure you are making the right investment. To do this, you should closely inspect each boot and look at fine details, such as stitching and, of course, the thickness of the material. However, make sure to check if there are any manufacturing faults, such as loose threads, visible glue lines, or even tiny holes and similar damage. It goes without saying that you should not buy these. Yes, manufacturing faults can happen to anyone, even the best, but it still means that the overall quality is not the best and, therefore, that they are not worth the money.


Lastly, price is a very good indicator of whether the boots you fell in love with are Australian-made or not. If you are looking for authentic sheepskin ones, you will have to make an investment. You have probably seen that you can get a pair of UGGS for $20, but these will only last you for a few months at best. Plus, you probably won’t be able to enjoy all the benefits, such as comfort and warmth. On the other hand, the original ones will cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but considering these are made from premium materials, we say you should make the purchase.

How to maintain UGGs?


Now that you know how to choose the best, we have to give you some tips on caring for them. After all, considering their price, you want to wear them for as long as possible. The biggest challenge when it comes to this is that sheepskin is a porous material, meaning that it absorbs everything. Due to this reason, you should not clean them with water. Yes, sometimes, it may be necessary. If this is the case, you should clean both of them thoroughly instead of only a small patch because you may end up with discoloration.

When it comes to regular maintenance, you should only use a clean cloth or a suede brush. However, if you have liquid stains on them, make sure to apply white chalk first, leave it overnight, and then use a cloth to remove the residue.

On the other hand, depending on how often you wear UGGs, you may have to do a deep clean, that is, clean the inside of the boots. No, you should never, under any circumstances, wash them in the washing machine. We know it may be tempting, but you will most certainly destroy them if you do this. Instead, use a damp cloth and scrub the wool inside the boots. In most cases, this will be enough, and then all you have to do is leave them to air dry for a day or two. Still, if they still seem dirty or you can smell the odor, you can use a soap or detergent, but make sure that it is mild. Repeat the abovementioned process, and rinse them out thoroughly with a damp cloth. It is the best way to remove the soap residue. Leave them to dry once you are done, and they will be as good as new.

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