3 Skincare Lessons You Will Need

Quick question at the beginning. What do Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Penelope Cruz and Charlotte Tilbury have in common? Apart they are famous and pretty? Well, you surely did not know this, but their skin is taken care of by Dr. Nigma Talib, a well known naturopathic doctor.

You probably ask what the naturopathic doctor is. Well, the naturopathic doctor is a doctor who practice the alternative medicine, natural if you like. They tend to examine the body at its core in order to establish the main cause for the skin issues such as wrinkles, eye bags, acne and similar.

Now that we answered this, here are the three tips Dr. Nigma Talib say to her clients:


As she used to say, both she and her clients moved away from the everlasting cliche of everlasting youth and looking young to beauty for all ages. Whatever the cycle you are in, your beauty needs to be celebrated and nourished at the same time. So, the ultimate advise is the nutrition, lifestyle and good health. You must take proper care for these.

In the book she published (Younger Skin Starts In The Gut), Dr. Talib explains how everything we eat can be seen on our skin. She described in her book that she needs just one look at her client and she is ready to make the verdict of what foods need to be removed from the menu.

Dairy Face – Avoid Dairy Products

These show the symptoms of swollen eyelids, the cheeks are becoming pale. Such persons are subjected to under eye bags while the acne are spread all over.

Gluten Faces – Avoid Gluten Based Products

These are manifested with the breakouts on the forehead, while the cheeks are read and puffy. Also, the dark patches form around the chin.

Sugar Faces – Avoid Sugar

The skin becomes thinner and dull and you will see the spots all over the face. Additionally, these people are vulnerable to forehead lines.

Wine Faces – You Know What To Do

You are prone to bigger pores, deep folds and droopy eyelids. The tone of the skin becomes more reddish, dehydrated and feathery which all shows around the cheek.

With only removing these products for at least a month, and afterwards limiting the amount you take in, the results are visible and the skin becomes clearer.

The best ingredients you can use is hyaluronic acid. This will help your skin to hydrate. However, as we are aging and the levels are dropping down, we are obliged to use it more often whether it is in a form of serum or moisturizer. The advise from Dr. Talib is to use it in the form of the serum as it goes deeply in the skin where the effect is more powerful.

However, she is against the usage of skincare oils. Her stance is that the skin needs to have the balance and if you put the oil to the skin externally, than you have the massage with which the skin will not produce the oil by itself. In laic terms, the skin will start to dry as you use oil.


Dr. Talib also provides the non-intrusive treatments to her clients and she released her own skincare product. These can help, according to Dr. Talib to supplement a good skin and target persistent skin concerns.

In the comment section below, you can let us know if you have ever visited naturopath and what is your experience.