A Wonder Woman-themed ride that simulates the twirl of the superhero’s lasso, a new spin attraction that does up to 14 revolutions a minute and a next-generation thrill-ride that mimics the maniacal mindset of the Joker have opened at Six Flags amusement parks in the United States and Canada.

After much anticipation from for thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies, the Warner Bros. and DC Comics-themed attractions made their grand debut at select Six Flags parks over the long Memorial Day May 29 weekend.

Here’s a look at the new rides from the world’s largest regional theme park company

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth

Designed to evoke Wonder Woman‘s lasso, the pendulum-shaped ride swings back and forth, while rotating counter-clockwise at speeds of up to 113 kmh. The pendulum swings higher and higher and eventually sends riders soaring to 44.8m in the air where they experience the sensation of weightlessness. Opening at La Ronde (Montreal) under the name Le Titan and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (California).

The Joker Free Fly Coaster

Created to mimic the maniacal mindset of the evil Joker, this chaotic freestyle coaster lifts guests up to a height of a 12-storey building at a 90° pitch, before they’re sent on head-over-heels free-fly flips. The ride uses magnetic technology to create the feeling of weightlessness, with 360° flips, exhilarating leaps, unexpected drops, and dives along a horizontal plane. The wing seat design, in which passenger cars jut out to the side of the tracks, contribute to the feeling of weightlessness with no track above or below to anchor the sensations. Opening at Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Great America (Illinois) and Six Flags New England.

Rides at Six Flags

Do you dare to ride on the Spinsanity at Six Flags? Photo: AFP


Set on a half-pipe track, a flying disc rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise, while also moving from to side. Riders sit on motorcycle-style seats that face outward, so that guests can take in the park as they’re sent spinning at up to 14 revolutions per minute. Opening at Six Flags St Louis. – AFP Relaxnews