There’s a palpable air of excitement in the ballroom of The Empire Hotel & Country Club in Brunei. For the past few weeks leading up to the launch, Duckscarves had been giving teasers on their Instagram. It was finally revealed on March 30 to be an exclusive limited edition collaboration with Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah of Brunei.

Called The Royal Duck, the collection consists of four scarves that come in ash blue, pink, peach and red. There are also scarf bags in pink, red, blue and green.

At the launch on April 6 in Brunei, guests couldn’t wait to get a closer look at the beautiful collection. The whole ballroom was decorated in the theme of the collection, with wheels (more on that later) and flowers.

The only person wearing the scarf itself that day was of course, HRH Princess Sarah, who wore the ash blue scarf with a white top and flowing blue skirt.

So how did the collaboration come about? In her speech at the launch, HRH Princess Sarah said many had wondered at the unexpected collaboration.

“At the risk of underwhelming everyone, it honestly was just one woman to another being able to make a connection, each being able to relate to the other, being inspired and wanting to build more on each other’s perspectives and seeing where that would take us. The Royal Duck is a special piece indeed and by no means is that due to either myself or Vivy (Yusof). It is special because it celebrates and stands for the defining characteristics of what makes every woman truly special. Through the countless hours and in the final stretches of the launch, it has really touched me to see the hard work and determination that has been put together by everyone involved. As a collective, and in coming together, indeed, much can be achieved.”

Vivy Yusof (left) with HRH Princess Sarah after the launch of the Royal Duck collection in Brunei.

Vivy Yusof (left) with HRH Princess Sarah after the launch of the Royal Duck collection in Brunei.

HRH Princess Sarah said that it was about celebrating the many facets of womanhood: “Whether soft, gentle and warm, or fiercely independent and opinionated, whether a dreamer or an adventurer, a mother or a daughter – whatever we choose, however many roads we travel, our diversity is our strength. All of us in this room today has the ability to create, nurture and transform. Have courage and faith in those abilities and let us all do our part in being the engine of progress. Together we can build a better world, one small step at a time.”

Vivy Yusof, founder of The Duck Group, said it was an honour to do the collaboration with HRH Princess Sarah, who was very much involved in the whole process: “She was involved, passionate and extremely detailed; immersing and putting her heart in this collaboration fully.

“I thought I would be speaking to her people and just get a yes or no from her, but I got the privilege of speaking to her directly and she would tell me where she wants the flower placements, what colour she wants and the story she wants to build behind the collection.”

The beautiful ash blue scarf. Photos: Duckscarves

The beautiful ash blue scarf. Photos: Duckscarves

There are five distinct elements in the scarves – a wheel (hence the table setting decor at the launch), the grids from a sports racquet, diamonds, flowers and bees.

The wheel, a universal symbol of independence, is important to HRH Princess Sarah, as she loves cycling, drives herself around town and also sends her children to school.

The grids of the sports racket represents fitness and an active lifestyle. HRH Princess Sarah is a firm believer that a woman should be fit and healthy, and keeps herself active with a variety of sports ranging from Muay Thai, crossfit and netball, among others.

The diamonds, a symbol of class and elegance, is something that should define every woman – a woman must speak kindly of others, and should empower one another and sparkle together just like diamonds.

Hydrangeas were used in the collection as it is HRH Princess Sarah’s favourite blooms, and just like flowers, you think of elegance and grace.

Finally, the bees signify love, nurture, growth and teamwork. HRH Princess Sarah believes that all women should empower one another, help each other and be each other’s support system.

The square scarves are stunning, with vibrant colours and can be worn in a variety of ways to showcase each individual element of the design.

The Royal Duck collection also has scarf bags in green, red, blue and pink.

The Royal Duck collection also has scarf bags in green, red, blue and pink.

The Royal Duck is a limited edition collection which retails at RM600 (for the scarves) and RM190 for the bag. Bruneians secured their pre-orders after the launch, while the pre-ordering for Malaysians ends April 12.

The event itself was a delightful one, with games and even an early surpise birthday cake for HRH Princess Sarah (her birthday was the following Sunday).

If you’re a Duckscarves fan or collector, this is definitely one collection that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.