A new line of activewear by Fit Rebel called Seni is embracing the concept of combining workout clothes with batik.

The collection features modern designs using traditional Malaysian batik painting techniques on high performance leggings.

Research by Fit Rebel has revealed that having fun and exercising in beautiful activewear inspires women to train more effectively and often.

As an advocate for fitness and healthy lifestyles, founder of Fit Rebel, Nadia Hasbi set out to expand the range of eye catching activewear offered on its e-commerce site, fitrebel.com.

In her efforts to develop creative and stunning designs, Hasbi gravitated towards art.

Taking inspiration from her Malaysian roots, she turned to batik, an art form that was typically featured on formalwear, but uncommon in the activewear domain.

Combining this technique of painting to produce modern designs for trendy leggings is a unique concept, hence Seni was born, which aptly means art in Bahasa Malaysia.

For the artwork itself, the “Batik Tulis” technique was used. This is where wax is applied to the cloth using an instrument called the “tjanting” and colour is filled into the wax outline using fabric dye. The artwork itself was a collaborative effort between the batik artists and the Fit Rebel team as together, they developed vertical designs to fit the style of leggings and flatter a woman’s body.

fit rebel

“I am proud to be involved in this project, as batik is a beautiful Malaysian cultural heritage that must be preserved and shared. It will give me a sense of pride and joy, knowing that my art will be appreciated by women across the globe who will wear these leggings” said senior batik artist, Lazim Ismail.

To ensure that the leggings can withstand the impact and movement of high performance activities, they have been tested on women performing a wide range of active pursuits, such as cross fit, martial arts, running, dance and yoga.

To guarantee comfort, the fabric is a blend of the smooth and durable Lycra.

Fit Rebel believes that beautiful, high quality items can and should be affordable and accessible to everyone. To enable this, she is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo – which started April 22 and will continue to May 22 – to raise funds for the initial investment needed to create the first collection.

Funds received from this campaign will be used to subsidise every stage of production, including remuneration for the artists, fabric purchasing, sublimation printing and workmanship such as cost of sewing.

Additional funds received beyond the initial goal will be used for future collaborations with artist communities to create new collections, benefitting and preserving the craft of local artist.