Sometimes, all it takes is an accessory to turn an outfit from dull to outstanding.

Newcomer in the men’s fashion industry Shazwan Radzuan – better known as Shark – believes that everybody wants to look good. And with the right accessory, one’s wardrobe can be completely revamped.

“You will look good if you wear something that suits your style and personality,” says Shark, 31.

He recently launched a men’s accessories label called Manual. He describes it as a lifestyle brand that focuses on men’s accessories such as pocket squares, ties, sunglasses, bracelets and rings.

“The demand for jewellery tends to be higher during festive seasons such as Hari Raya,” said Shark who promotes Manual via online platforms Facebook and Instagram (@manualkl).

Shark, who studied Tourism Management at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Shah Alam, worked in a marketing and advertising company upon graduation.

In 2013, he launched his own company called Viper Bekam, which provided beauty and health treatments, including cupping therapy. He also introduced a skincare line called POREcelain.

Last April, he launched Manual with its first product called Pochette Pocket Square Baju Melayu Edition. Available in various colours and designs, the pocket square range – which complements the Baju Melayu – received good response; 200 pieces were sold in just three weeks during the Ramadan period.

“Nowadays, men like to wear Baju Melayu which comes with a pocket. That is why I came up with the idea of a pocket square … it will fit the Baju Melayu pocket nicely,” explained Shark, adding that the product is made of silk and polyester.

This was followed by a bracelet made of parachute cord.

“Why did I choose parachute cord as the material? It’s because of its versatility. You can customise it in terms of colour or design.”

The bracelet is a simple fishtail braid which is finished with a metal clasp. Shark was very particular about choosing the right design for the bracelet; simple but fashionable was key.

“If you look on the Internet, you will find many types of braids. But I prefer something simple … that’s why I chose this fishtail braid. It’s not too big and fits nicely on one’s wrist,” he said.

“I learnt how to make braids from YouTube,” revealed Shark. “And I thought it was good to turn them into merchandise as not many people are doing it.

“At the same time, I’m figuring out other types of braids that suit Malaysians’ fashion needs,” said Shark, who plans to collaborate with other menswear designers in Malaysia.

He names the bracelet as his favourite item in his collection as he made it on his own. His ring collection called Lourd has the same design concept as the bracelet, with emphasis on the fishtail braid.

Local Designer Shark Wants To Dress Men Up With His Accessories

Bracelet created for the recent Merdeka.

He also plans to come up with metal bracelets for his upcoming collection. For the recent Merdeka celebration, he paid tribute to the Jalur Gemilang flag with the Manual Bracelet Patriot Edition bracelet; it was limited to 50 pieces.

“If you want to become an entrepreneur, you cannot focus on one product only. You need to diversify your offerings,” concluded Shark.