Did you know that cells have their own language? They communicate with each other and the environment to keep our skin healthy.

In collaboration with Dr Yves Pumay and his cellular biology research team at the School of Medical Studies in Namur, Belgium, Clarins Laboratories has discovered that there is a link between lipid microdomains and skin ageing.

Dr Pumay, the father of lipid microdomains, discovered this specific area in our skin biology and his research has appeared in a scientific publication.

“Lipid microdomains, a totally new field in biology, is a cellular listening system,” Marie-Helene Lair, Scientific Communication director for Clarins, explained at an interview in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Lair was in town for the launch of Clarins’ eighth generation Double Serum, which is described as the most powerful and complete serum ever.

“The seventh generation Double Serum was about the speaking capacity of the cells, while the newest serum encompasses speaking and listening ability of the cells,” Lair explained.

Cell communication is important as it stimulates the skin’s five vital functions from regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration to protection.

In the collaboration with Dr Pumay, Lair explained that Clarins discovered two things; a decrease in lipid microdomains receptors as we age and from environmental aggression, and the consequence of this decrease resulting in the damage of the five vital skin functions.

Lair says the discovery of lipid microdomains, a totally new field in biology or a cellular listening system helped Clarins create its eighth generation Double Serum. Photo: The Star/Faihan Ghani

“This discovery is more important than a patent as a patent is linked to business or marketing. It has worldwide impact and Clarins’ biologists are mentioned in Dr Pumay’s research paper that was just released in a biology publication.”

Lair said everyone is talking about cell communication and no one knew the secret or details, but today, Clarins understands the real significance of it.

“We had to find the solution in boosting the listening capacity while keeping the speaking capacity. The new serum taps 21 plant extracts to stimulate the five vital functions of the skin.”

“We identified turmeric, a rich antioxidant, as the most ‘talkative’ plant. It has molecules in the leaves and roots called tumerones which boosts the lipid microdomains receptors.”

“As we age, the lipid microdomains decrease but this new serum increases the lipid microdomains receptors,” Lair said.

Do all the five vital functions improve 100% and simultaneously with this serum? “It depends on your skin’s needs. For example, if your skin needs hydration then that area will be stimulated.”

To cater to Asians’ preference for less stickiness, Lair said, “The new serum is lighter in texture. We removed mineral oil and used organic Mary’s thistle oil instead, which has a drier touch than mineral oil.”

“The Double Serum is not only an anti-ageing product but also a good primer to receive anti-ageing skincare, optimising its efficacy.”

To benefit from the highest concentration of powerful botanical extracts, the anti-ageing ingredients are put in separate vials as they cannot cohabit.

Lair says that tumerones is an oily extract so it is placed in the inner bottle along with all the oily plant extracts, while the other vial contains all the watery plant extracts.

The upgraded Clarins Double Serum bottle offers a made-to-measure application with an adjustable push button for you to customise the amount of product required depending on your skin’s needs.