The Brow Show by Make Up For Ever offers three new brow products to create various brow shapes. Photos: Make Up For Ever

Are you tired of your eyebrows? Maybe you want to venture past those bushy or thinly lined brows, and maybe you just want to reinvent your face.

Make Up For Ever just created The Brow Show specially for anyone who wants a new formula for their brows or for those who are a little bit more adventurous in reshaping their brows.

“Fashion and trends change over the years. An important element of any look is the shape of the eyebrows – a look that has also changed over time. However, the eyebrow shape will always be extremely important among professionals of film and stage – especially when they work to create new characters and invent different personalities,” says Dany Sanz, founder and artistic director of Make Up For Ever.

Sanz explains that brow transformation utilises all available techniques, such as lifting, lowering, thickening, thinning, intensifying brows to create an older, more masculine or feminine appearance, make the face look larger or more balanced – anything to create the character.

“The smallest, most subtle detail can completely change the model’s expression, therefore brow make-up requires expert analysis and assessment of the natural face to produce the desired results.”

The Brow Show offers a range of products with a diversity of textures and shades that help design your brows. Different products work with different styles and provide your desired look – from natural to sophisticated, from subtle to bold.

The range includes a brow liner, brow gel and brow pencil. The liner has a highly pigmented formula that offers a deep colour, is easy to blend and long lasting. The brow gel has a fibre-enriched formula that has coating fibres that look natural on your brows while the pencil offers a balance of waxes and pigment for accurate, long-lasting, intense colour.