It doesn’t matter where you’re heading to for your travels, you’ll still need to pack. While some people prefer to plan way in advance, others often leave it to the very last day – or even hour, if possible.

Tumi’s latest campaign tells the story of how packing can extend beyond just a simple routine. Starring six men and women across Asia, it invites you to discover your unique packing personality.

Take a look and see how you compare.

Bryan Loo, business entrepreneur, Malaysia

The Compartmentalised Packer

Bryan Loo. -- Tumi

Bryan Loo.

Bryan Loo, the franchise owner of Chatime Malaysia, often goes on adventures to seek inspiration for new business ideas. Packing cubes are apparently his must-haves for trips. He says that they allow him to strategically compartmentalise his belongings and provide quick access to essentials.

Farah Quinn, chef, Indonesia

The Colourful Packer

Farah Quinn. -- Tumi

Farah Quinn.

Farah Quinn from Indonesia is many things: a TV personality, chef and certified nutritionist. Despite all that, Quinn still makes time for her son and really enjoys the wonders of travel. She claims to be a “colourful” packer. Like her personality, the way she packs is unerringly stylish.

Dr Georgia Lee, medical doctor, Singapore

The Well-Prepared Packer

Dr Georgia Lee. Tumi

Dr Georgia Lee.

Dr Georgia Lee is continuously on the road, developing and sharing her own range of skincare. She also gives inspirational lectures, and has established a scholarship fund for outstanding undergraduates. According to her, she leaves nothing to chance. Her packing case will never stay empty and is always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Kay Wong, fashion designer, Hong Kong

The Spontaneous Packer

Kay Wong.

Kay Wong.

For this Hong Kong-based designer, travelling provides a continuous source of vivid inspiration for her. Kay Wong’s spontaneity is unmistakable – and is reflected in her packing style (and fashion designs). Ditching a checklist, she lays out all the things that she would like to bring around her as part of her packing process.

NaYoon Koo, gallerist, South Korea

The Curated Packer

NaYoon Koo.

NaYoon Koo.

Advocating contemporary South Korean art is Joann Koo’s passion. As the founder of her own gallery, curating each exhibition takes her around the world. It is the same way when it comes to packing. She explains that the theme of a specific trip is what often inspires her curated process.

Wei Lai, photographer, China

The Precise Packer

Wei Lai.

Wei Lai is a Beijing-based professional photographer who rarely stays in one place for long. Nicknamed the “One Shot Wonder”, he finds inspiration in all sorts of places. His detail-oriented nature is evident in both how he works, and how he packs. For him, packing precisely is crucial in doing what he does – perfectly, that is.

Visit to discover your packing personality. In conjunction with the campaign launch, Tumi will be holding a special exhibition from now until Aug 14 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s centre court.