The Year Of The Fire Rooster is also known as Peach Blossom year – or “tao hua” in Mandarin. In Chinese astrology, this term is associated with love and romance, in which single people looking for love or matrimony could very well get their wishes fulfilled.

If you want to gain more popularity or have better relationship this year, think of purple for a change! After all, this colour is also associated with royalty, nobility, luxury and ambition.

Hong Kong feng shui master Mak Ling Ling strongly recommends displaying purple or pink objects or even a pot of flowers in the centre sector of your house. In 2017, she says: “The Popularity Star will fly to the centre sector of your house.”

To enhance your association and interaction with others, you can also harness the power of crystals. Go for amethyst, which calms the mind, and rose quartz to boost your rapport.

Although red is the ruling festive colour during Chinese New Year, many Chinese know that purple is also an auspicious colour.

Purple is a colour that represents a perfect harmony. It’s a mix of red and blue hues, which are symbolic of wisdom and richness.

Red represents strength, boldness, anger and the fire element. Blue is allied with peace and calmness, and stands for water.

Red decorations should be removed after Chinese New Year but purple items can be left alone all through the year.

However, the Fire Rooster year is also a year for conflict. Those who are already in a relationship should watch out for people who may try to break them up. Also, be cautious how you deal with others to avoid arguments, disputes and misunderstandings in your marriage or romantic affairs.

In 2017, the Peach Blossom Luck is in the North East. Chinese astrologers say if you want love and romance to bloom in your life, you need to activate the Peach Blossom Luck in this sector with a water feature.

This sector should be uncluttered and spacious. A messy and untidy sector can lead to misassumptions and miscommunication, thus placing obstacles in a liaison. Instead, sit or relax in this sector to engage in friendly conversation to deepen the affair.

In Chinese astrology, zodiac signs that have Peach Blossom Luck this year are the Dragon, Horse and Rat.

The Dragon has Peach Blossom due to the presence of Dragon Virtue Star, Emperor Star, and Grand Duke Combination Star that is a good connecting star. Being linked to the Grand Duke, this Combination Star signifies likeability in dealing with people.

Those born under the Horse will also find romance and increased social activities due to the presence of Peach Blossom Star and Red Matchmaker Star. Meanwhile, the Rat will have Peach Blossom Luck because of Sky Happiness and Moon Star.

To activate Peach Blossom Luck is to increase your attractiveness, boost your popularity and attract people from the opposite sex to enter your life. People have used this in their search for companionship, to better their dating odds, or just to rekindle friendships.

Having Peach Blossom Luck is exciting and great news for the folks who are tired of being single. For husbands and wives, however, you do not want to activate Peach Blossom Luck or you risk betrayal and unfaithfulness in your marriage.

But astrologers also say that Peach Blossom Luck doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have an extra-marital affair. It can also mean that your affinity with other people will increase as you have better communication with others.

You can use this “star” influence to mingle with more people and broaden your social circle. When that’s the case, committed couples need not be worried as long as have discipline when socialising with the opposite sex. Don’t let your intentions get misconstrued.

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