Cat toys are typically unregulated, which means you have to be careful about paint, and products that can be chewed to pieces, which your kitty may then swallow. So inspect everything you buy carefully first. Avoid all toys with “eyes” that can be chewed off.

Great toys that are super-popular include:

Feather rods
The most famous is Da Bird, but there are all kinds of rods and feather toys. Look for one that comes apart, so that your pet can capture and “kill” the feather. Great products also have extra feather packs to replace those that are trashed.

These are just pawsome for kittens. They’re cheap, so get lots of different ones: Balls with bells inside, balls that bounce, and soft catnip ones that can be picked up and mauled.
Tip: Pick something that won’t get stuck under the sofa!


Well, this cat is a little special…

Toy mice
The best are small soft mice that are stuffed with catnip and that have long feathery tails. Your pet will chuck it about, chew on it and wrestle it. If it does go behind the sofa cushions, though, you’ll be expected to fish for it.
Tip: pick a bright colour so it’s easy to spot.


Kitty pop.

Cat caves and tunnels
Basically these are posh versions of boxes. Your pet will hide inside these when he or she wants a bit of peace, and it’s also a great place to pounce out from and ambush people. Set it up in a space where it can be permanently because once it’s up, you can’t take it away.