An experience that mimics the sensation of licking your fingers can enhance the taste of creamy foods. This is the concept behind the new spoon created by a British design studio, which specialises in the invention of eating implements of the future.

What gourmet can claim to have never licked his or her fingers after eating chocolate or ice cream For many, the reflex that often concludes a sweet snack is an important part of the joys of eating. In response to this observation, the design studio Michel/Fabian has developed a new implement dubbed “Goûte”, which aims to enhance the sensual pleasure of food.

The new utensil is a spoon that mimics the form of a finger. The goal of the invention is to make food taste even better, and it is an ambition that is based on evidence. According to a University of Oxford study, the new accessory can enhance the taste of food by up to 40%.

The food end of the Goûte is rounded and wide like a finger, while the slender 21cm handle is designed to make it easy to hold. The overall result is ideal for plunging into honey, yoghurt, a pot of spread or a bowl of chocolate mousse.

In terms of psychology, the goal is to minimise the impression of putting a foreign body into one’s mouth, which colours the sensation of eating with a traditional metal knife and fork. The glass version of Goûte, which is made by a traditional glass blower in Britain retails for £29 (RM156). There is also a wooden version for £18 (RM100). Both products are available from – AFP Relaxnews