Dementia patients often struggle with long-term memory, which can make it difficult for them to carry out everyday tasks.

But there are little things family members can do to help them remain independent, experts say.

Small changes can make a real difference, like giving the family member a single key for the house door, rather than a keyring full of keys, according to an article in German magazine Apotheken Umschau.

Colour-coding keys can also help someone with dementia to match a key with its respective lock. This principle can also be applied to other household objects.

If the disease has progressed so far that the individual starts running away – a typical behaviour associated with dementia – the magazine recommends hiding the door with a curtain or attaching a bell to the door, which alerts other family members when someone leaves the house. – dpa

Other things you can do: 

Colour-coding room doors

Padding your floors to soften falls