Show Time : 28-Feb-2017
12:45amSing Again, Hera Gu
2:00amTransmission Ends
6:00amCJ Wow Shop
9:00am8 E-News
9:30amSuper Diva
10:30amJourney, The Tumultuous Times
11:30amIf God Loves
12:30pmMid Day Mandarin News
1:00pmIf God Loves
2:00pmMr. Player
3:00pmThe Turning Point
4:00pmI Am A Big Doctor 2
4:30pm8 E-News
5:00pmRoyal Romance
6:00pmFirst Love
7:00pmSmooth Talker
8:00pmMandarin News
8:30pmThe Princess Wei Young
9:30pmWoman With A Suitcase
10:30pm8TV Express 2016
10:45pmOurs Law Of Survival

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