Kelly Clarkson, Meaning Of LifeKelly Clarkson
Meaning Of Life

Kelly Clarkson goes straight to your heart with a more soulful and gospel sound in her latest album Meaning Of Life.

She kicks things off with Love So Soft, an infectious soul-trap R&B number about, well, a kind of loving that will make your head spin.

In the celebratory Whole Lotta Woman, a sassier Clarkson pays homage to her home state Texas with a lot of lyrical food references. Take your pick from “Pot full of grits, I’m hotter than your mama’s supper, boy” and “All I’m needin’ is a baby to love me/Like a warm biscuit on a Sunday mornin’”. It’s better than the burnt cherry pie of a food-themed song that is Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit.

Then there’s the upbeat 90s jam-inspired Medicine that sounds like the perfect song to kick off a fun night out with the aim to forget about a useless ex. The tender bluesy number Cruel and power ballad I Don’t Think About You are two standout tracks that brilliantly allow Clarkson to showcase the range in her voice.

Meaning Of Life is an impressive offering from Clarkson where she breaks her mould and confidently showcases a new side. It is perhaps something that fans have been waiting to embrace for a long time.