It takes batik maker Haniza Hisham at least five days to make a piece of batik material, using the traditional methods of terap or canting.

Here are some of the steps she takes to create a finished piece.

Day 1

Cotton cloth is washed by hand to remove starch and dirt, then dried under the hot sun. The fabric is then stretched flat on a platform. Some pieces are dyed in a mono tone before the hand blocking process begins.

Days 2 and 3

The material is stamped with batik terap blocks using wax or hand painted using canting, or hand-painted in wax. It is a process which requires meticulous attention and must be done quickly while the wax is hot.

Day 4

The cloth is dipped in dye, a crucial step in batik making.

Day 5

The final stage involves boiling the batik material. The waxed fabrics are submerged in boiling water, and stirred to loosen the wax. After a few minutes, the fabric is washed in water to remove excess dye and wax. It is rinsed till the water runs clear. The fabric is then hung to dry in the shade.