Lifestyle readers have the world at their fingertips. The Internet will lead us anywhere we choose. But ultimately, we all want the same thing – to keep up with the news and views around us, and what affects us every day.

How does fit in? Our portal is designed to be sharp, crisp, smart and uncomplicated, and our editorial content developed for a worldly set that’s invested in both a Malaysian and a global perspective on all things lifestyle.

It’s true: readers have enough choices and now they want nicer things. There are stories that can’t be ignored, but will affirm its voice and individuality with original content, imaginative decisions and inventive perspectives.

With Star2 as a lead-in, our online editors and curators will present to you a broad sampling of what’s going on in our community and the world. And we’ll feature plenty of “water cooler articles” – stories to get you talking over coffee breaks and dinner conversations. will also tell its stories in ways that print can’t. Whereas Star2 makes readers think, will make them feel as we endeavour to present our stories through sights, sounds and emotions, by adding an empathic and interactive layer to each feature.

And though reader attention spans have turned some editorial content into snack-bite articles, and journalists into “speak slowly and talk loudly” writers, will embrace a warmer, more organic language style, one with wit, charm, humour and strength. CURATORS

Lennard Gui,
Online Features Editor
Lennard has been working the field since 1990. He started as a cadet reporter in The Star’s Section Two when he was 20 years old, and along the way he edited a pop magazine, did some theatre acting, produced a few award-winning plays, became deputy editor of an international men’s magazine, and travelled the world. Now he’s back at The Star for and producing videos, too. No rest for the wicked.

Melody L. Goh,
Deputy Editor
Melody, who has been an entertainment journalist for nearly 20 years, is one of the dying breeds of people who still watch the television. On her spare time, she shops for things that she never actually needs. She manages the Entertainment and Family channels in

Jane F. Ragavan,
Deputy Editor
Jane can raise one eyebrow and write in reverse, but her superpower has to be her photographic memory. She wears a size 7 shoe and prefers speed walking to running. Jane cannot play the trombone or keep still when listening to the blues. She always has time for making bread. She runs the Food and Living pages.

Eric Ian Chan,
Deputy Editor
Eric left his jungle exile and joined the team in 2014. He is currently re-adjusting to civilised life and recalling his years as a health and fitness editor. When not in the office, he spends his time on jungle trails and writes articles for Star2. When he’s at work, he curates the Health and Style pages.


Davin Arul,
Associate Editor, Features Central

Ann Marie Chandy,
Deputy Executive Editor, Features Central

Paul Yeo,
Senior Editor, Health

Julie Wong,
Senior Editor, Food

Ivy Soon,
Editor, Women & Family

William Kee,
Editor, People

Gordon Kho,
Editor, Entertainment

Dzireena Mahadzir,
Editor, Fashion & Beauty

Madhavan Mx,
Editor, Bytz (Technology)

Sunita Chhabra,
Editor, Life Inspired